Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beauty is a BEAST!

This is Melanie Roach, Olympic Weightlifter, Mother of 3 (one Autistic), Wife, Christian, Hottie. This chic does it all. BTW she also had all 3 kids without any drugs at all. None. I am going to throw that little tidbit out to the Greek Goddess next time she is trying to get out of the ol' "two pumps and a whiskey burp" - I mean if Melanie can birth 3 kids naturally and still make her afternoon lift, then the Greek Goddess can wait 38 seconds for an Advil. But I love the hair the most, sure it takes guts to sit under a 500lb bar and have 3 kids w/ no drugs. But it takes real guts to bring back the Dorthy Hamil. God Bless America!

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