Friday, October 3, 2008

Tan Tones 101

Not sure what everyone has planned this weekend...I mean, there are those that like to kick back, watch some ball hung over in their own apt's, all Han Solo. There are those that like to hit the bar and fire on chicks/dudes like the plane is going down, and then there are those that like to stay outdoors - surf, fish, hunt...whatever. All are respected in the great balance we call life. So whether you're hanging or banging, thronin' or bonin' - please take some advise from ole Bobby and are nothing without your strength. Sip a Sud. God Bless Ya, Everyone!

Oh, and note the levels of naughtiness on this one...some measure a trees age using "annual rings." Well with this lil vixen, we use what we call, "Tan Tones." She has the classic Coppertone, granny-panty tan line for all those family vacations to Boca. She has the Whale Tail tan line from those wild weekends in South Beach, and she has that slight burnt butt cheek from that quick 9 minute fake and bake. Tan Tone Meter=Nice gal with a kinky side...perfect.

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