Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big Ben will not be probed!

RENO, Nev. (AP)—Law enforcement officials in Nevada have no intention of opening a criminal investigation into allegations Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger(notes) raped a woman at a Lake Tahoe hotel-casino a year ago, the sheriff’s department said Wednesday.

The woman, a native of Canada who had worked at Harrah’s Lake Tahoe hotel-casino since 2003, never went to outside authorities with her story, and it’s unclear why she decided to file the lawsuit seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars a year after the alleged incident.

They should have just said that she was Canadian from the start and everyone would have know this a hoax. It is clearly a plot to dethrone the Super Bowl as the premier sporting event and replace it with the Gray Cup.
I mean, look at the facts.
She's a 31 y/o Casino employee in Reno, not even Vegas, I mean Reno is like the Single A of Casino towns. If she was ever remotely good looking she would have been sent to Vegas 5 years ago.
Next, she's 31. I'm not saying that the milk is spoiled, but I would look a few cartons back before I picked this one. I am sure that any 31 y/o would love to have 25 y/o named "Big Ben" toss them the spiral for 4 quarters.
I mean look at his girlfriend...
Finally, she's from Canada. So you know that there's a 99% chance she looks like a seal and 100% chance she was so drunk she could have banged a seal.
I think that the US needs to retaliate and I will not be happy with anything short of all out assault against Canada.

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