Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sweet Home My Lil PoonFace

Hunting season is right around th corner...I know, I know, most of you dont hunt, though you should. Now I am not talking about going out there and taking some little animals life...and anyone that tells you thats what its about, can off themselves. Thing is, all the hype behind gunning is simple...solid friends, a couple suds and hopefully, a beautiful snap waiting for you by the fireplace when you get home. If not, well then you best get out to your local spot and tell them tales grandpa would be proud of. If that doesnt get them excited, leave em for the nerds...they will clean up the rubble when you leave. God Bless, Hope you are well...and please, keep Sippin them Suds.
God Bless Ya PoonFace, sorry it took so long. God Bless America