Thursday, September 17, 2009

NICE BEAVER! Thanks, just had it stuffed.

Let’s see, 23 years old, hunts, fishes and doesn’t mind Sippin a few Suds. I just read how these gators are hunted. The gal cruises on a boat at night, flashes the gator(easy guy) with a beam of light , spots the glimmer off the gators eyes and inches closer to get a clean shot. Arrow hits gator, gator takes off, arrow has chain attached to boat, gator drags boat…gator gets tired and then gets a bullet. And for all of you that have eaten gator, you know its well worth the risk…Have a great night. Ducks Unlimited Dinner tonight…aka Booze Fest

Whoa, easy there big fella.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Proud To Be An American

Yesterday was a tough day for any American, but especially for those who lost a family member, a best friend or a loved one. Don't be afraid to tell someone you love wil regret missing the opportunity should it pass. And remember, once is fine, twice is ghey...kidding, God Bless. Mr. Koecheler, you are the man...look forward to Sippin a couple when I get there.
Now, being that its raining, chilly and damp, head to your local watering hole for a couple suds. If you are crippled from last night, well I think your couch or your buddies couch sounds about right...we have some great games on today. Have a good weekend, turkies...Lord knows you will be Sippin. Go TarHeels, Go Trojans, Go Yanks and Go G MEN!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grand Salami!!!

You know what...there is some good tennis on the tube...Lil Georgia Peach(Hwy there, Georgie)....We have the Danish bopper white tail. Novak Djokovic gig last night with McEnroe was classic...oh and dated that Olympian Track gal we featured back when...she was smoke. We all remember...but when I looked for a pic of the cat I came across a boat load of snap shots...God Bless...hmm, looks like that's a sud in his mitt. Good luck kid.
Oh and I guess this is his girlfriend at this time...yeah, really feel for the guy.

Murray isn't struggling either with this gal below.
...anyhow, worth a peak. Great weather up here this weekend...hope you got outside...Keep Sippin, Keep Movin...and hopefully, keep Bonin...Just Sayin...not a bad thing.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Four Seasons

Let's talk about this for a second...Summer is coming to a close, but unless you are in grade school, LIFE IS SWEET. I used to kneel to the religion of NEVER ENDING SUMMER! But as we grow older, there is something we start appreciating more...not Summer, Not Fall, Not Spring and Not Winter...but the let this be the key that will open the door to a many of "Autumn" styled posts...sure its my favorite time of year...but why have one? We have four to appreciate and none deserve the red headed step child treatment. Running out for a sud...air is crisp, perfect night. God Bless, Keep Sippin.

Dios Mio, Jimena

Mama Mia...wait, is that Spanish or Italian...and by Spanish, I mean Mexican..and by Mexican, I mean Cabo...and By Cabo, I mean LA...ah, the circle of life. Anyhow, we need to keep these wonderful people in our prayers...for there is a storm a comin. Lets hope we get minimal injuries...because lets be honest, the Mets can't afford to lose another starter. AH YA YA YA YA. Seriously, hang in there Mexico, our thoughts are with you. Keep Sippin that cerveza and stay away from that aqua. Go Yanks!!!