Thursday, September 17, 2009

NICE BEAVER! Thanks, just had it stuffed.

Let’s see, 23 years old, hunts, fishes and doesn’t mind Sippin a few Suds. I just read how these gators are hunted. The gal cruises on a boat at night, flashes the gator(easy guy) with a beam of light , spots the glimmer off the gators eyes and inches closer to get a clean shot. Arrow hits gator, gator takes off, arrow has chain attached to boat, gator drags boat…gator gets tired and then gets a bullet. And for all of you that have eaten gator, you know its well worth the risk…Have a great night. Ducks Unlimited Dinner tonight…aka Booze Fest

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fp said...

howdy howdy...
nice hunt. super gator for dinner?