Thursday, April 30, 2009

Top Gun Star Is Ghey!!!

Now I know what your are thinking…”No Sht buddy, he gave me a hummer last weekend…but that makes him ghey, not me…right?” Well to answer that question, once is cool, twice is ghey. Now, back to the Top Gun star coming out of the closet…it may come as a shock, but Kelly McGillis is a lesbian. It also may come as a shock that nobody in their right mind gives a fck. That being said, let’s celebrate some good ole fashion girl on girl love. It’s not discriminating if everyone wins, right? God Bless the love of a woman…everyone person alive should experience it at least once. Go Get Em Kittys and keep Sippin them Suds. Take it easy chewy - we gotta play this one right.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FORE!!! Ball Drills Face

Yelling "fore!" may be traditional golf etiquette, but it's not always required by law, a state appeals court has ruled.
Dr. Azad Anand, of Oyster Bay, lost sight in one eye when his buddy shanked a shot during a 2002 round at a Dix Hills golf course.
But Anand is not entitled to damages, even though his friend, Dr. Anoop Kapoor of Huntington Station, failed to scream "fore!" when he launched the shot that struck Anand in the eye, the state appellate court in Brooklyn said.

Anand testified in a deposition Kapoor never shouted "fore," a Scottish term for "before" or "afore" that means "look out ahead,"

Love this…Dr. Azazaza is standing off to the side, his “buddy” shanks one, drills him in the face and expects $ from his shanker. That would be the quickest FORE ever shouted…he was 20 feet away. Hopefully they know a good doctor…Thanks Haggs.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What looks like Catfish, smells like a Tuna and tastes like Snapper?

I will let you answer that one yourself…all I know is, Little Miss Sunshine up top caught this beast and released it…but not before she cleaned er up with a Golden Shower. Nice move princess.

I was just talking with a buddy and it seems like most boats are in the water…that being said lets get out there. The bait fish are coming, the pods are following and the weather is warming. My heart is pounding out of my chest typing this up. Tonight is your night bro, going to be 80 and sunny. I dipped my toe into LeScale last night with a buddy…I guess the coug’s missed the memo, as a couple puma’s sat bar side surrounded by a stream of business casual “Hey Guy” fellas. Brutal…but a couple Sun Set Suds never hurts anyone…even if your surrounded by Fraggle Rock.

Golf and Grey Hounds after work today…will make another run through Lescale, report back tomorrow. Thanks for the pic Buck.

Man, I love Suds

Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Lovin, Had Me A Snap

Let's get this straight, the Yankee's fcking BLOW! I know it early, I know I am getting ahead of myself...but you tell me what the FCK we are paying $2,500 a seat to sit and watch this sht show of a team perform. I am a Jeter the bone, but explain how a captain lets a team fall behind after leading 6-0. I was knee deep in Suds and ponies...and a wonderful snap fest, to be bothered..but come on, start playing you assholes.
Secondly, reading National it me, or are frogs somewhat regal looking? They look like an honest, modest, trusting snake without being slick. Everyone loves a snake, its the slickness that hurts the image.
Giants picked up a Tar Heel(God Bless), a Wolf Packer(NC STATE has some serious snap), and a Badger. Nothing better then fall sports. Why? Mostly because we are all coming off a GREAT stretch of summer months! Ladies and Gents, we are here...this last weekend, this weather tonight, the weekend ahaead...we have suffered a LONG winter. I think we give a little back to our country and spend some $ on American suds(are there any left?) Get a 12er of PBR, some brown water and relax all week long. Pull for the Blue Shirts, The Spanks, The Mutts and the Country...for love is in the air.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Giddy Up, Son

Let's be honest...if last weekend was a 10 this weekend is a 12. It's going to be perfect, all along the east coast. I am heading down to Baltimore...yup, Baltimore! Normally I would burry myself, but since Saturday will be filled with Suds, Sun Dresses, Bloodies, Horses and Hotties...Life will be pretty good. there is a steeplechase gig that basically consists of watching horses run, jump, trot and poop. Me, I am going with a young lady who enjoys a good day bombing session. Hotel room booked. God I love hotels and the nonsense that happens behind closed doors. You all enjoy it, as I hear there are parties everywhere. Get outside, get burned, get Sudded, get loose and maybe, JUST MAYBE get laid. Breath it in, Spring is here for good. God Bless Ya and God Bless America

Thursday, April 23, 2009

007...Actually, more like Double D Heaven

For England, St. George's Day also marks its National Day. Most countries which observe St. George's Day celebrate it on April 23, the traditionally accepted date of Saint George's death in 303 A.D. A traditional custom at this time was to wear a red rose in one's lapel. Another custom is to fly or adorn the St George's Cross flag in some way: pubs in particular can be seen on April 23 festooned with garlands of St George's crosses. So if your looking for an excuse to Sip a few tonight, do yourself a favor and pop in English pub…raise one to the limeys and try to get your willy wet.. Here are a couple of England’s finest. Go get em Sheldy.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

We're Behind You, 100%

A win is a win is a win is a win. I am not sure why some people care not for baseball…it’s Americas past time and you know what, your team(for the most part) is always in it. Come from behind wins are just as common as straight up victories. So no matter how bad it gets, never feel like you cant get behind your team and give em that extra push. Nothing like giving someone a shot of confidence…where you shoot it is your call.

Earth Day

Earth Day, celebrated April 22, is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in in 1970 and is celebrated in many countries every year. This date is Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

Mother Nature, today is your day…sht everyday should be your day, but like so many greats, ie: MLK, Lincoln, Ground Hog, and Washington let’s take time to appreciate you. With the weather warming up, I can almost feel summer. So now, our gyms are packed with gals and guys making that one last push to shed some weight. After visiting Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach last weekend I was hit in the teeth with a harsh reality. A warm weather state holds healthier birds…and I don’t mean “you look healthy, you must be in love aka you fat fck.” I mean, “holy sht, how is your stomach that flat, your skin that soft and your hams that full?…you look so very healthy.”

Hats off to you Fla, we are catching up one sweat drip at a time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hit The Showers

When the weather blows and you are spent from spinning the wheels, sometimes it’s best to call it a day, hit the showers and get started on the second act…Night Life. Going to Gingerman for a few Suds tonight. Can only imagine the scragglers crawling around that place tonight, all rainy, cold and Tuesday. Either way you slice it, I am going to take a few shots and see what happens.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Well Its Just A Box of Rain

What is it about thunder storms in the summer that get girls all romantic? I mean, I love sleeping with the window open when there's a nice storm passing through, like tonight. So what is it...maybe a woman wants to feel safe and warm in mans company...maybe she's vulnerable and needs comfort...maybe its the soothing sounds of rain drops and wind bouncing off the window sill...Either way, its a perfect opportunity to be with someone. So tonight, though snappless in Seattle, I will crack the window, feel good about being under the covers and rack out. Man I could use a warm set of cans on the chest...even just good ole righty ham. God Bless, Sleep Well.wet.jpg image by connorj75

Don't Forget Them HOOP DREAMS

So it's tough to think that a gal I end up dating might read all this and look at me and say, "umm, so you really? talk about Suds, Snap and BEING NICE TO PEOPLE,and being RESPECTFUL to EVERYONE, a whole lot?" Huh, I guess its not that bad after all. Anyhow, someone asked me a question which I think I have answered before. Its pretty simple, are you a guns guy or a hoop guy? Well I think that's a pretty easy answer. Though the hoop is only part of the must never discount the belly botton. The hoop and the stomach work together like Fred and Barney, like chicken and noodle to set up the one, the only...The Almighty Snapper. So before you go burying your face into the mystic mountains of Gunilla, remember this...the hoop leads to the promise land...take a walk in the Valley before sitting amongst the clouds.

Blue, You're My Boy...Thank You Sir

Ok so she doesnt have a Rangers sweater on but she is smoke and seems to care about hockey. I can name a list full of buddies that care for the Blue Shirts(Rangers) more then me, but that doesnt mean I don't root for these guys all year thats not to say i am like a solid number of squids in the city that are watching Ranger Hockey for the first time all season. Though here is the thing...I dont mind those squids...bottom line is, they are adding the buzz of the playoffs, rooting for a New York team and Sippin Suds with sports on their mind. Keep making noise, down 2-0 in this game...turn it around and Avery, knock Brash out...then go knock the bottom know what I'm talking about you motor boatin son of a btch.

And The Winner Is? All Of US.

Now that’s a whole lot of American Schnap! Sure the automotive industry is in the gutter, our banks are broke and Silicone Valley looks more like the Valley of Death, but if you want 50 reasons to be a Proud American, take a gander at the Miss America Pageant contestants.

The 22-year-old aspiring motivational speaker who already held the Miss North Carolina USA title, edged out runner-up Miss California USA Carrie Prejean and Miss Arizona USA Alicia-Monique Blanco. I guess it’s safe to say, this is a good year for them Carolinians. Just heard Perez Hilton asked this some show Miss California about gay marriage and she gave her honest opnion…he then called her a stupid btch for not dodging the question…well, I am not a fan of that guy to begin with, but now, after attacking a sweet heart for being honest, well…time to black ball that site.

God Bless You, sorry for the lack of updates…more to come tonight. Get us back on the trian! Until then, Go Rangers!

Above is winner Miss North Carolina

Below is runner up, Miss California

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Dark Crystal

Would you? Because you know what, simply because I am hung over and horned up, I would. Check out this web site Charlie O just fired over to me.

Brooks, I take my hat off to you ole buddy. Great work.

Where is Bianna Golodryga?

I remember when she was on CNBC for a few months, getting everyone all tuned up…but she would have little segments and then disappear for the rest of the day. Never made sense to me. I figured the producer was giving her a test run, which she seemed to have aced. Then, just like that, she was gone and nobody knew where she went. I was hoping a spicy story would emerge from the muck, but it never happened. Anyhow, looks like ABC scooped her up and put her on Good Morning America, with biz segments on World News Weekend and Nightline…Good for you darling, now how about a bikini shot, a V-Neck slip…something to keep the hunger alive.

Are You The Master Of Your Domain

The Tournament has begun…what a great event The Masters is. I went back in 2005 when ole Nippleson won his first Green jacket. A buck 25 will get you a cold Heineken and another buck will get you a pulled pork sammy or a Pimento sammy, soft buns, just the best. Talking about soft buns, check out Gretzky’s daughter up top…looks just like mum. Anyhow, what a great weekend of sports ahead! Saturday could be a wash out, so kicking it on the couch might be just what the doctor ordered. Happy Passover to some, Happy Easter to some, Sip a couple to all.

Love this pic…oldie but goodie. Great lettuce on her dome, and notice that lil ray of light at the top of her legs…I would have to imagine heaven looks a little something like that. Have a great long weekend.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Times Up One Eyed Willy

Don’t get me wrong, I, like many of you, was fascinated even intrigued by the whole pirate thing. Hell, 20 guys overthrowing a crew of 150…a 21 foot boat hijacking a 1500 foot boat…that’s impressive stuff. I mean, these guys come from an island of lawlessness, they steal goods, they trade em for suds and sex. Throw a patch on one of these dudes and BAM, Pirate 101. Tough not to root for a pirate. Similar to that of a bank robber. I will use Point Break as an example. If you were rooting for Johnny Utah, you can go ahead and close this site…Now, all that being said, the rules change when some of you boys are on board a hijacked boat. I just learned that pirates captured a container ship, Maersk Alabama, and its crew of 20 Americans, off Somalia. This is the first US ship hijacked in the four years of recent attacks. Let’s get a team of seals on board and make those AK 47 waving Willies walk the plank. Good Luck to all involved. Roll Tide Roll.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

So there I was, 8:10pm last night…sitting on my couch up in CT getting ready to roll to buddies place to watch the game…I throw on a Carolina Blue sweater and BAM, chills tickle my spine. The whole day I debated what I was going to do…head into the city and watch the game with a bunch of animals OR take it slow and watch in the confines of my own apt. As I sat there, covered in goose bumps, I thought to myself, “How do I preach about seizing the moment and then sit here on my ass when the HEELS are playing for a National Championship!” That was it; I jumped up, grabbed my keys and fired down to the city. I made it in 30 minutes, door to door. Buds, Suds, Snap and HOOPS…needles to say, the HEELS won, I went out til 3am and lost my phone…twice. God Bless You…and take it from me, you can have a LOT more fun in the city then you can alone in your apt. GET OUT, Sip a Sud, for today is a Synthetic Wednesday…no work Friday! Get your Hump Day on!


Monday, April 6, 2009


 I will be honest, I think back to all the decisions I made in my life and without a doubt, going to UNC Chapel Hill is by far the best call thus far. I wont get into it, but if you have ever been to Chapel Hill or even met a Tar Heel, you know what I mean.  Did I mention the Snap is smoke and out of control...I mean, if you like 3 to 1, some years 4 to 1, well, enough said.  Anyhow, I went to the Yanks on Saturday after sudding all morning and let me tell you, the new stadium looks great. You still have your "Eh Yo, Angie, SHUT UP over there!" That makes me feel good.  I mean nothing better then seeing a couple "Angies" in their extra small Jeter tee shirts...of course for every Angie, you have 5 Paula's, packing 150 pounds of meat in a 100 pound bag, muffin tops included. With these prices, you might get more pearls then normal, but I am not complaining....Snap is Snap. And we all know, American Sports Snap will never compete with European Soccer Snap, and that is a fact...Jack.  LET'S GO HEELS!!!

Get Behind The HEELS or Your HEELS Behind Your Head!

Either way, IT'S A BIG NIGHT!!!

I am not going to say more then I need to on this one…I think I can sum it up in a few words, LET’S GO TAR HEELS!!!

PS-dated a cheer leader when I went there…well, I wouldn’t say dated, Bob. Seriously though, she was a fox. NOW LET’S GO GET EM HEELS!!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Fck the Elvs, We Got Stacy

Mo Town Blues

I borrowed Bobby J’s pick up to get a mower out in the sticks. I get there, and its about as creepy as it gets…pitch black junkyard... guy pops out looking like slingblade, but about 65...he had mowers, boats, cars everywhere...grass all overgrown...real muddy and swampy...everything all rusted...I was like 'oh dear'...then he walks me over to it - weaving through overgrowth mixed with junk, uncovers it and BLAM -nice mower. Ole man Snaggle Tooth couldn't get it running though, “bad gas.” Right out of a flash lights....he “needs to jump it”...literally disappeared for about 5 mins, me I just hung listening to the pitch black steel chillin in the night, each ping bringing my hands up like Jack Johnson...finally, he came back with a battery then reached down and out of seemingly nowhere pulled jumper cables from the mud. I was like WTF...then he couldn't see the battery to get the cables he left again and ripped his truck through the mud and tossed on the high beams. He kept mumbling then walked away again into darkness, through detritus/trash/junk field...came back with starter fluid, sprayed it in the carbs and she fired right up. Didn't stay running though. “Gotta drain the fuel and put new plugs in.” Looks like ole Smitty is heading back to the heap, Fragles and all. I think a case of Red White and Blues might get me a discount. Keep Sippin Blade.

The Right Way...Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway(July 21, 1899 — July 2, 1961) was an impressive man, who just like us, loved to Sip a Sud or two. He also loved hunting, fishing, writing, women and traveling. Not really sure, but isn’t that exactly what we are all about? His male characters can best be described as “Grace under fire.” I love his style of writing…he once said, "Use short sentences. Use short first paragraphs. Use vigorous English. Be positive, not negative." Ok, so I don’t have the vigorous English and sometimes my paragraphs run on, but I still love the guy. Oh, and he also believes a writer should have at least 2 cocktails before sitting down…that and a type writer as free hand is too slow to get a proper thought out. Since I am still hammered from last night, I guess I am good. The guy has crashed planes, battles bears, hunted the wild, and has seen war…lived thru em all…only fitting that the only thing that could take this man down was himself. Here’s to you EH, you were a good man…a great man.