Thursday, April 23, 2009

007...Actually, more like Double D Heaven

For England, St. George's Day also marks its National Day. Most countries which observe St. George's Day celebrate it on April 23, the traditionally accepted date of Saint George's death in 303 A.D. A traditional custom at this time was to wear a red rose in one's lapel. Another custom is to fly or adorn the St George's Cross flag in some way: pubs in particular can be seen on April 23 festooned with garlands of St George's crosses. So if your looking for an excuse to Sip a few tonight, do yourself a favor and pop in English pub…raise one to the limeys and try to get your willy wet.. Here are a couple of England’s finest. Go get em Sheldy.

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Sheldy said...

“God for Harry, England and St George" - Charge!!