Thursday, April 9, 2009

Are You The Master Of Your Domain

The Tournament has begun…what a great event The Masters is. I went back in 2005 when ole Nippleson won his first Green jacket. A buck 25 will get you a cold Heineken and another buck will get you a pulled pork sammy or a Pimento sammy, soft buns, just the best. Talking about soft buns, check out Gretzky’s daughter up top…looks just like mum. Anyhow, what a great weekend of sports ahead! Saturday could be a wash out, so kicking it on the couch might be just what the doctor ordered. Happy Passover to some, Happy Easter to some, Sip a couple to all.

Love this pic…oldie but goodie. Great lettuce on her dome, and notice that lil ray of light at the top of her legs…I would have to imagine heaven looks a little something like that. Have a great long weekend.

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