Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Lovin, Had Me A Snap

Let's get this straight, the Yankee's fcking BLOW! I know it early, I know I am getting ahead of myself...but you tell me what the FCK we are paying $2,500 a seat to sit and watch this sht show of a team perform. I am a Jeter the bone, but explain how a captain lets a team fall behind after leading 6-0. I was knee deep in Suds and ponies...and a wonderful snap fest, to be bothered..but come on, start playing you assholes.
Secondly, reading National it me, or are frogs somewhat regal looking? They look like an honest, modest, trusting snake without being slick. Everyone loves a snake, its the slickness that hurts the image.
Giants picked up a Tar Heel(God Bless), a Wolf Packer(NC STATE has some serious snap), and a Badger. Nothing better then fall sports. Why? Mostly because we are all coming off a GREAT stretch of summer months! Ladies and Gents, we are here...this last weekend, this weather tonight, the weekend ahaead...we have suffered a LONG winter. I think we give a little back to our country and spend some $ on American suds(are there any left?) Get a 12er of PBR, some brown water and relax all week long. Pull for the Blue Shirts, The Spanks, The Mutts and the Country...for love is in the air.

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