Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

So there I was, 8:10pm last night…sitting on my couch up in CT getting ready to roll to buddies place to watch the game…I throw on a Carolina Blue sweater and BAM, chills tickle my spine. The whole day I debated what I was going to do…head into the city and watch the game with a bunch of animals OR take it slow and watch in the confines of my own apt. As I sat there, covered in goose bumps, I thought to myself, “How do I preach about seizing the moment and then sit here on my ass when the HEELS are playing for a National Championship!” That was it; I jumped up, grabbed my keys and fired down to the city. I made it in 30 minutes, door to door. Buds, Suds, Snap and HOOPS…needles to say, the HEELS won, I went out til 3am and lost my phone…twice. God Bless You…and take it from me, you can have a LOT more fun in the city then you can alone in your apt. GET OUT, Sip a Sud, for today is a Synthetic Wednesday…no work Friday! Get your Hump Day on!


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