Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Times Up One Eyed Willy

Don’t get me wrong, I, like many of you, was fascinated even intrigued by the whole pirate thing. Hell, 20 guys overthrowing a crew of 150…a 21 foot boat hijacking a 1500 foot boat…that’s impressive stuff. I mean, these guys come from an island of lawlessness, they steal goods, they trade em for suds and sex. Throw a patch on one of these dudes and BAM, Pirate 101. Tough not to root for a pirate. Similar to that of a bank robber. I will use Point Break as an example. If you were rooting for Johnny Utah, you can go ahead and close this site…Now, all that being said, the rules change when some of you boys are on board a hijacked boat. I just learned that pirates captured a container ship, Maersk Alabama, and its crew of 20 Americans, off Somalia. This is the first US ship hijacked in the four years of recent attacks. Let’s get a team of seals on board and make those AK 47 waving Willies walk the plank. Good Luck to all involved. Roll Tide Roll.

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