Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue, You're My Boy...Thank You Sir

Ok so she doesnt have a Rangers sweater on but she is smoke and seems to care about hockey. I can name a list full of buddies that care for the Blue Shirts(Rangers) more then me, but that doesnt mean I don't root for these guys all year thats not to say i am like a solid number of squids in the city that are watching Ranger Hockey for the first time all season. Though here is the thing...I dont mind those squids...bottom line is, they are adding the buzz of the playoffs, rooting for a New York team and Sippin Suds with sports on their mind. Keep making noise, down 2-0 in this game...turn it around and Avery, knock Brash out...then go knock the bottom know what I'm talking about you motor boatin son of a btch.

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