Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FORE!!! Ball Drills Face

Yelling "fore!" may be traditional golf etiquette, but it's not always required by law, a state appeals court has ruled.
Dr. Azad Anand, of Oyster Bay, lost sight in one eye when his buddy shanked a shot during a 2002 round at a Dix Hills golf course.
But Anand is not entitled to damages, even though his friend, Dr. Anoop Kapoor of Huntington Station, failed to scream "fore!" when he launched the shot that struck Anand in the eye, the state appellate court in Brooklyn said.

Anand testified in a deposition Kapoor never shouted "fore," a Scottish term for "before" or "afore" that means "look out ahead,"

Love this…Dr. Azazaza is standing off to the side, his “buddy” shanks one, drills him in the face and expects $ from his shanker. That would be the quickest FORE ever shouted…he was 20 feet away. Hopefully they know a good doctor…Thanks Haggs.

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Executor said...

What a "turd" for suing in a situation like this. Not only can you not yell "fore" that quickly, but there are just certain things in life that are pure "accidents" and therefore, no liability can be claimed.