Monday, April 6, 2009


 I will be honest, I think back to all the decisions I made in my life and without a doubt, going to UNC Chapel Hill is by far the best call thus far. I wont get into it, but if you have ever been to Chapel Hill or even met a Tar Heel, you know what I mean.  Did I mention the Snap is smoke and out of control...I mean, if you like 3 to 1, some years 4 to 1, well, enough said.  Anyhow, I went to the Yanks on Saturday after sudding all morning and let me tell you, the new stadium looks great. You still have your "Eh Yo, Angie, SHUT UP over there!" That makes me feel good.  I mean nothing better then seeing a couple "Angies" in their extra small Jeter tee shirts...of course for every Angie, you have 5 Paula's, packing 150 pounds of meat in a 100 pound bag, muffin tops included. With these prices, you might get more pearls then normal, but I am not complaining....Snap is Snap. And we all know, American Sports Snap will never compete with European Soccer Snap, and that is a fact...Jack.  LET'S GO HEELS!!!

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