Friday, April 24, 2009

Giddy Up, Son

Let's be honest...if last weekend was a 10 this weekend is a 12. It's going to be perfect, all along the east coast. I am heading down to Baltimore...yup, Baltimore! Normally I would burry myself, but since Saturday will be filled with Suds, Sun Dresses, Bloodies, Horses and Hotties...Life will be pretty good. there is a steeplechase gig that basically consists of watching horses run, jump, trot and poop. Me, I am going with a young lady who enjoys a good day bombing session. Hotel room booked. God I love hotels and the nonsense that happens behind closed doors. You all enjoy it, as I hear there are parties everywhere. Get outside, get burned, get Sudded, get loose and maybe, JUST MAYBE get laid. Breath it in, Spring is here for good. God Bless Ya and God Bless America

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