Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't Forget Them HOOP DREAMS

So it's tough to think that a gal I end up dating might read all this and look at me and say, "umm, so you really? talk about Suds, Snap and BEING NICE TO PEOPLE,and being RESPECTFUL to EVERYONE, a whole lot?" Huh, I guess its not that bad after all. Anyhow, someone asked me a question which I think I have answered before. Its pretty simple, are you a guns guy or a hoop guy? Well I think that's a pretty easy answer. Though the hoop is only part of the must never discount the belly botton. The hoop and the stomach work together like Fred and Barney, like chicken and noodle to set up the one, the only...The Almighty Snapper. So before you go burying your face into the mystic mountains of Gunilla, remember this...the hoop leads to the promise land...take a walk in the Valley before sitting amongst the clouds.

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