Monday, November 3, 2008

Stockholm Recap

I will make it quick...flew to Sweden Wednesday night, hard to sleep on plane, but half way thru one sentence in the Economist and I was banging sheep, 1, 2, 3zzzz, out. Get into Stockholm at 7am, cant check in til Noon...Tooth and I walk around and do what any stand up citizen would do in a foreign country, find a hotel bar and a bloody. Fcking socialist don't serve booze til 11am...walk around, break into buddies room, crash on couch til 3pm(its pitch black out by then). Immediately start Suddsin. there is Skandi snap everywhere, climbing out of the sewers like C.H.U.D.S.
We have Eddie Spaghetti, Tooth, Jenx and Reeshi(our go to Indian buddy...and let me tell you, Skandi's dig the dark hair). Hit a hot spot for dinner, then the hotel nightclub for Suds. We are the only dudes in the place for an hour...finally tail starts to wag its way in...bottles, roof raising...the whole 9. Couple make outs make me feel like I got somewhere.
I start feeling ill...Boot in the bathroom, french exit the place, hit a late night burger joint, get lost and take a cab ten feet to hotel. Wolfed the burgers alone, felt like a fcking loser, woke up around 3 and booted again. All in all, I am a zero. But still had a blast. will give you a recap on the hunting later...success ratio a lot better.

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Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore said...

I love the fact that even though he is XXX blotto - the Hoff still takes the bun off. I guess Mitch has to be in peak condition to save lives.