Friday, August 28, 2009

This SUDS For You, Marino

Just Sippin Suds would like to officially announce its first Sud Sponsored Athlete…and to be completely honest, no man deserves it more then Mister Steve Marino Jr. Born in 1980, this UVA Grad is known for a few things…Sippin, Fishin, Hanging and just being a good dude. Those are things we all shoot for in our lives. Like we have always said…keep it simple. And in the mean time, make a few putts and make a few sticks…God Bless Him. The reason we know he is a good egg is simple, he is good buds with an ALL TIME SIPPER, Poonface Neher. Ole Poonface is a scratch golfer, big TarPON(Poon) fisherman and an all around gem of a guy. Anyhow, have a great weekend and pull for Marino in the Barclays, he is tied as we speak. God Bless and Keep Sippin.

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