Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Drink Up Johnny, Things Will Be Fine

Consumption of alcohol hit a 25-year high in 2010, when 67% of Americans reported drinking alcoholic beverages, according to a Gallup poll. That's a level unseen since the late 1970s, when 71% of Americans said they drank.
Got to be honest...with all the doom and gloom out there, its no doubt we turn to the one one partner that's always there for us...coldies. Drinking them coldies with your bird and some buds warms up the soul in a matter of seconds. Hell, just the thought of meeting some pals after work today is giving me the Jimminy Cricket legs, all hippitty hoppin in my chair.
For all you single mutts and birds out there, tonight is one of the best nights to slay. You get to live like High School Harry for another night, hell another weekend. All the chums are back in town from their jobs in LA or the University in Colorado. Billy tells ya he's killing it in Hollywood producing movies and staring in a couple pilots(translation, been on the wrong end of a hummer more then once, and not because he wanted to). Then there is Missy who just made Deans List at Boulder(Translation...who cares). Bottom line is, don't sell it cause we ain't buying it...just pretend you are in high school again, loosen the tie and for crying out loud, lose the fcking blazer. Mostly because I like to be the only one with a blazer on. God Bless You Mutts...Have a Great Night!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Bobby J! I am goin to sip a few suuuuuds this weekend and give thanks for all things JSS. GBA!

BobbyJenx said...