Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ring A Ling, Ding A Ling

We have had some pretty nice weather up here in the Tri State area for the last couple weeks, but our lovely Hump Day has been slowed down by some wet weather.
Tonight we have the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Rockefeller Center. A lil rain can't bog down a good party. Cee Lo Green and the Rockets will be there to continue the tradition starting back in 1931. This 74ft Norwegian Spruce from Miffinville, Pa will be dressed in 5 miles of lights(30,000). The good news is, Obama will be there to block traffic, eat hot dogs(you can tell a lot by the first bite) and pitch his new book, "NYC Works Too Hard For A Living." Hey, can you blame the guy...he's spot on, well with those Fat Cats on Wall Street working over time, killing their livers and sleeping 3 hours a night JUST so they can to pay for their kids schools, their wives groceries and their gas guzzling SUV's! The audacity to work for a living and then want to SPEND your own cash...GREEDY PR1CKS! or something like that. USA USA USA...seriously though, have a great night, watch the tree get lit or just get lit yourself...either way, be well, treat others well and tip your tender. GBA

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