Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Where else can you eat like a slob, drink like a hound and bone like a rabbit and still be considered romantic? So what’s the only problem with France? You got it, The French. Not so much because they stick their noses in the air and huff ciggs like they own the joint or that they rest on their laurels of past accomplishments(Look up Napoleon) or that men where Capri pants driving vespa’s with bobble helmets on skinny male frames(see Lego Head) …IT’S because the hate us Americans…and why? Let’s think about this. Sure they helped us out during the Revolutionary War mostly because of their hatred towards the Brits and their Empire. Are they jealous that with their “help” they created THE new world power? Deal with it…its no trophy to have to bail out the rest of the world on a daily basis only to be disliked by those we bail out. You want that responsibility, take it! you selfish power hungry frogs. More Americans have died on your soil defending the Allies’ Freedoms then your own Countrymen. We died for a cause, not so you can spit on our Country every chance you get. Next time you think about damning America and Americans, take a deep breath and realize you are saying it in French, not German. Keep Sippin and Keep Eating and Keep Speaking French, Just Appreciate That Luxury. May God Bless America

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