Thursday, May 21, 2009


Rain or Shine, you know what time it is…Fleet Week. I know dudes that get more amped up for this then they do for Lady Cher opening up for Sir Elton John and George Michael covering “Don’t Let Your Son Go Down On Me”… God Bless their tender hearts. Either way, the midshipmen are here covering the city streets like white knights. Bottom line, these American Men and Women deserve our utmost respect. So ladies, if you are reading this, do us a favor…go out and give one of these lads some gratuitous lovin. Hell, even if some of them never see the front line, at least they are doing something with their lives. That’s worth a hammer shot.

Let’s not forget the women serving in our armed forces…they need lovin just as much as the men…of course the opportunities they have for getting their fill are limitless. GET SOME, JANE!

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