Thursday, May 21, 2009

So There I Was

Let’s see, watermelon helmet-check, Aladin styled nap sack-check, peace of cloth found in nana’s closet-check, gymnastic taped wrists hiding 9 suicide attempts-check, urin stained tubing-check. Alright FLEET WEEK, LETS DO THIS!

Man oh man, I will tell ya, I have felt more like Willy Lowman over the last few days then Old Lowman himself. Sure 4 days in Bermuda(had Dark and Stormys bleeding out my ears) doesn’t suck and Florida(who drinks Gin anymore? I did, I wont again) this time of year could be worse. I guess Texas(Tecate)is beautiful in the later spring months …its just heading to Paris tomorrow that has me asking the question, Who the Fck do I think I am? What is that expression? You cant be buried with your money, you cant spend it when your dead? Cool, that being said, should I head to the heavenly kingdom tomorrow, well, I will be in good shape. Hope you all have been doing well, sorry but I am not a big “please remove your computer from your bag, place shoes on the belt” kind of guy. I sit in front of a computer all week long…that’s about all I can stand. Will be back…God Bless, 80 degrees and Sunny, Fish are here, Suds are here. See you on the water?

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