Thursday, August 14, 2008

Are you kidding me?

During the last week I have been dividing my time at "work" between watching the Olympics, guzzling ice coffee and insulting co-wokers. But today was the first "live" event I was looking forward to watching, now don't get me wrong the swimming is ok and the women's beach volleyball is watchable, but the USA basketball team in its first real test vs. Greece is something that I was really looking forward to. So I go to UHD and they are showing Brazil v. Russia men's indoor volleyball, I go to NBCHD and I have Matt Lauer's ugly mug staring back at me. Finally, I find the game on USA Lo - Def. Are you kidding me - it is like watching Atari basketball from 1978. Thank god that the Greeks are all white and blue and the US is all white and black.

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