Friday, August 15, 2008

This is why you BLOG.

Philly Man Charged With Threatening Giants Coach

PHILADELPHIA (AP) ― Federal investigators have charged a Philadelphia man with trying to blackmail New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin by sending him letters threatening to expose a fictitious sexual tryst with two women.

Herbert Alex Simpson, 30, is accused of sending Coughlin two letters on July 30 and July 31, allegedly from women claiming to have had a sexual encounter with the coach in December when the Giants were in Philadelphia.

The letters demanded the coach pay $20,000 to $30,000 or his life would be made "a living hell by doing something to (his) family," according to court documents filed Thursday.

Investigators interviewed the women named in the letters, who said they knew nothing about them and never met Coughlin. The women also identified the handwriting as belonging to Simpson, a former co-worker who they said had written threatening letters to others in the past, authorities said.

In an affidavit, FBI special agent Todd A. Berry said Simpson admitted writing the letters to get revenge against the women over what was referred to as "a work-related issue."

Simpson told investigators that he researched personal information about Coughlin's family to include in the letters, but he never thought the coach would get them and he never intended to harm his family.

Simpson is charged with mailing threatening communications, which carries a sentence of up to two years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

"We take seriously any threats to extort money from anyone," said Laurie Magid, acting U.S. attorney.

There was no Philadelphia telephone listing for Herbert Simpson and he could not be reached for comment. It was not known if he had a lawyer.

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This guy has it all wrong - if you want to make someone's life a living hell you don't go about it the cowardly - chicken shit way of sending a letter to someone telling them what you are doing. You do it like a real man. You post an anonymous BLOG of them in jorts looking like the lost disoriented construction worker from the Village People after his meds wore off! That my friends is how you ruin someone's life like a man.


brian cilento said...

so by that rational... jenks is TOAST

BobbyJenx said...

Dude, just read Mac's comments. What do you call burnt bread? TOAST