Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This just in - the World hates the U.S.

Linda Pearce | August 19, 2008

The uneven bars final ended in controversy and mass confusion last night, with Australian judge Helen Colaguiri at its core. Silver medallist Nastia Liukin's father and coach, dual 1988 gold medallist Valeri Liukin, accused Australian judges in general of repeated bias against his daughter, who lost the gold to China's He Kexin in an apparatus final decided by just 0.033 points in the second tier of a complex new tiebreaker system.

Both gymnasts had start values of 7.7 and were awarded execution scores of 9.025, making a total of 16.725. But He won the gold because of fewer deductions, assisted by Colaguiri's clear preference for the Chinese girl's routine, despite He not sticking her landing, while Liukin did. Overall, Colaguiri awarded He 9.300 for execution, compared with 9.00, the greatest disparity among the panel of six.

Valery Liukin said it was not the first time Nastia, the all-around gold medallist, had suffered at the hands of an Australian adjudicator, having lost a world title in similar circumstances. "Not that particular (judge); same country. I don't want to go any farther with that," he said.

Nastia Liukin said she was confused by the fact that the scores were identical, yet she was listed second behind He. "I honestly was in shock," she said. "I knew I didn't have my best routine. When I saw we got the same score and my name was second, it was weird." Asked whether the tiebreaker rules should be simplified, she replied: "Honestly, it's nothing I can control. It's been pretty fair to me. I've got the biggest medal in gymnastics there is. I did my job and I don't have any regrets. It's sad, but I've got four medals, and I am tied with my Dad."

It is always the Austrians that are starting this crap. They started WWI after Franz Ferdinand (not the band, but I guess there was some dude that stole that name from the band) and they were the first to sign up for the Nazi regime in 1938 and now this. I would not be surprised if this were the start of WWIII.

I think this is all the proof I need that we are going back to the "Cold War" days. Russian is attacking Georgia, Iran and Israel are spattin' again and now this... Let me tell you friends it will not be long before we are lining up for gas again. Someone call Mike Eurzione...U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A., U.S.A....

According to my proofreader - it was an Australian Judge not an Austrian Judge that screwed us over, so let this read as a warning you kangaroo humpin'bastards - you maybe doing whatever you do down there - watching Greg Norman choke or dangling your small infant child over an angry croc or snappin it to a decade old poster of Elle that you keep rolled up in your Mom's garage (not that you can really blame them for that) - anyway your day will come. Because you just made the list.

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