Friday, October 10, 2008

The Countdown Continues...HH

I can honestly say, I have NO IDEA what these girls are supposed to be dressed up as, but that wont stop me from ogling and postin. THCans has it figured out. Her MDMA sponsored skirt promises euphoric effects, the syringe in her panties lets the common gent know she is open to explore her darkest fantasies and the pot leafs covering her hams tells us she knows how to chillax. Cocktail in hand and hip hop in purse will tie it all together. She will give you everything you want...I just hope u want herps. Good ole Pinky there has an "EX" she will roll her tail wherever you want her. And then comes lil Miss Benatar...back tats, snap tats, arm tats and a studded G String...all she needs is a lil mesh to compl...wait, there's the mesh now. These girls look like tricks, treats and everything else you can imagine. God Bless Em and God Bless You. Get your costumes ready!

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