Thursday, October 16, 2008

These are real before and after pictures...

A Croatian woman suffered burns to her bum after lightning struck her in the mouth and passed through her body.

Natasha Timarovic, 27, was cleaning her teeth in her home in the city of Zadar when lightning struck the building.

She said: "I had just put my mouth under the tap to rinse away the toothpaste when the lightning must have struck the building.

"I don't remember much after that, but I was later told that the lightning had travelled down the water pipe and struck me on the mouth, passing through my body.

"It was incredibly painful, I felt it pass through my torso and then I don't remember much at all."

Doctors at the city hospital where she was treated for burns to the mouth and rear said: "The accident is bizarre but not impossible.

"She was wearing rubber bathroom shoes at the time and so instead of earthing through her feet it appears the electricity shot out of her backside.

"It appears to have earthed through the damp shower curtain that she was touching as she bent over to put her mouth under the tap. If she had not been wearing the shoes she would probably have been killed by the blast."

Croatian daily 24 Sata said the young woman had been released from hospital after being kept in overnight and was expected to make a full recovery.

WHOAAAA! That is just crazy - imagine shooting lightning out of your ass. Now this has never happened to me, but I did have a similar experience. I happened to eat 36 hot wings and wash them down with 20 draft beers - I woke up on the bathroom floor and had no idea what happened, but I could have shot lightning out of my ass or at least it felt that way.

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