Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hallween House Calls

For all you married Sudders out there, think of it this way...this crew right here can take care of all you chores around house. You have Hooker Potter there to read your kids their bed time stories. Snow White to, ummm, cook for the family when the wife is beat? 2 French maids to keep the house tidy. A random chick in a hat to make your wife look better and of course Little Miss Fitness to keep the kids active, the wife fit and your lawyer busy.
And if that Mobile Station there is the same Mobile Station in the East Village, I guess I will see you Oct 31st. Keep Suddin.

1 comment:

Schmitty said...

Why do I get this strange feeling Halloween is going to be you and tooth, extra sippin sweeden style dressed up like this with zero tail.... Jenx & Tooth Ghey