Monday, October 27, 2008

Wedding in Pinehurst

A buddy got married to a great gal I went to Carolina with...never been to Pinehurst but heard the town was sleepy. Well you ship a few maniacs in from LA with their spicy girlfriends+10 more Chapel Hill beauts+the NYC contingency and you have yourself a nice lil party. Tooth and I were dateless, therefore borderline "those creepy guys." Only way to shake that label was to cover ourselves in suds and leg kick the sht out of that town. Apparently it worked. Every morning started with a bloody, played some golf, Sippin Suds on each and every hole, finish with a Winny Palmer(Arnold Palmer w/ vodka), black out by 4, straight thru til 24 hour burger joint at 2:30am, three nights in a row...Crushed today...Crushed.

Eddie Spaghetti just Sippin. Tooth and Jenx acting like, well, idiots. Blair, we love ya.

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Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore said...

Borderline creepy? Drop some real pics... Ya know for those of us that are creepy...