Monday, October 13, 2008


Tonight's game against the Cleveland Steamers should be entertaining for all Big Blue fans...Winslow out. Sip a Sud, Crush a wing and kick should be great.

Now, I would like to address another issue. I am all for class and tradition, and you would be hard pressed to find a more classy family then that of Wellington Mara. He is missed but the tradition goes on. Including the lack of cheer leaders the G Men utilize. I love looking at the field and seeing the chalk, the players and the pig skin...but maybe, just maybe we can get a few cheer leaders in the know, just walking around in next to nothing, handing out Suds and snapping pics with the fans. Its not that the fan base is hot-free, but girls that get paid to flirt is just a wonderful thing. Just sayin'

Look at Cleveland...those Bastards, already rubbing our face in it. I mean, I will thank em after we spank em...but how are they already beating us before taking the field.

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