Friday, October 31, 2008

I have to get this off my chest.

Everyone is all concerned about the current economic recession and market down turn, well I am a vindictive prick, so I'm happy to see it. I am happy to see all the 50 year old baby boomers lose their money in the market and get hammered on their retirement dream homes.

Ya see I hate the Baby Boomers. They are the most useless generation out there. They started Rock-n-Roll and free love and spent the 60's and 70's bangin' in the mud all drugged up. Then they made a bundle on their homes and their investments riding every boom and bubble.

Do I sound bitter? Because I am. Ya see they went on to become parents and ruin college, the housing market and the stock market for an entire generation. '90-'98 was the worst time to go to college EVER! Nancy Reagan is busying telling everyone to SAY NO! Ronnie was conducting the war on drugs run by all the Baby Boomers because they know drugs kill. So I went to school in the fall only to find out that they banned kegs on campus... WTF. It wasn't bad enough that you raised the drinking age to 21?

Then come the whole AIDS thing - some deviant Baby Boomer had to bang a Green Monkey, so I could lose 2 weeks worth of sleep every time some girl was drunk enough to let me run some leg. Oh yeah and that all ended when Magic Johnson admitted he was HIV+ because no one ever wanted to have sex again. Every girl was dressed in tights and baggy sweaters listening to Pearl Jam, Seattle grunge crap.

Then they suck the marrow out of the Internet bubble and the housing market - driving the prices up on derivative scams and shady loans. Yeah - great you have a 6 bedroom house that you bought for $50k and my 3 bedroom trailer is $850k...I know I am loser...thanks.

So do I feel bad for the guy that ditch out on Vietnam, smoked grass, dropped acid, banged until his dick fell off, made a million on the Internet and another million on his house? No I don't. So, your 50 and you lost all your retirement money...well let me give you the advice you gave me. Work hard and save up - even if you have to bag groceries, there is a job out there for everyone, unemployment is only 6%.

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