Monday, October 20, 2008

Kid Rock Just Sippin

Weekend recap? Sure, why not...Friday fly to wedding in Nashville, Newark Airport Budweiser Bar, 1 sud=$2 shot of Jack...had three of those. Friday night Suds, crushed til 4am, lost credit card. Sat up at 10am, Bloody at 11am, Carolina/UVA game with college buds, local bars and listen to country music, now dressed in cowboy shirt and cowboy hat...suds still flowing. Meet some honky tonk ladies, skip church, hit tie's for dudes=hot girls. Leave wedding and head back downtown where the honky tonkets are waiting for me and some buds...weasel way up to front of stage to meet up...the gals were tired and bailing...before we could ask why, I hear, "MY NAME IS KIIIIIIIIIDDDD."

Yeah, Kid Rock was playing and SIPPIN(right before he Sipped here, he said, "Why is it every time I'm on stage, I'm Hammered.") hard in a small Nashville bar, Southern Rock style band behind him, nobody had a clue he was there...set list was all Skynard, Bob Seger and Kid's own tunes. Told the gals to scram. Home at 3am, up at 4:30am for 6:45 flight...Giants game, suds, buds=CRUSHED TODAY.

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