Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fargo, She's Wet

So I role out with a buddy last night, Sip a few Suds, one short brownie and head back to the apt...sitting here solo watching the weather channel a couple things hit me. First of all, the Floods of Fargo are going to reach 41 feet? WTF is that? So we here on the north east are complaining because Spring hasn't Sprung...well neither have our damns. Its snowing, freezing and ummm, oh yeah, flooding in North Dakota...let's keep out prayers with them these next couple days, and hope they start drying out over there. That being said, you have to imagine the second thought was one that focused on boning. Have you ever slayed with the weather channel in the back ground? Well if you haven't, you are in for a treat. You get slow Spanish spicy music for the undress sloppy make out sesh, you get Kenny G style lick my ham tunes and then every once and a while, you get a lil sprinkle tinkle on my face RnB. So if you find yourself back at the pad, sans IPOD and no stereo to keep the awkward silent bone at bay, tune into your local TWC and call it a night. Its full proof...u get whiskey pole, blame it on need to hold off another minute, go all one eyed willy and tilt your head towards Mostly Sunny Denver...its got all your answers. Best of luck Fargo, we are pulling for you, some literally, some figuratively.

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