Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Snapless In Seattle

Its sad to say that yesterday, as much ambition I had to burn down Greenwich, the only real Snap I saw was behind the counter at the gas station where I was getting the truck tuned. That's not to take anything away from this lil grease monkey, its just I was hoping to see some sort of night life after sundown. The gals must have been bunked in with a good book. I think a few factors kept the kittens at home...cold, rainy, Tuesday...we will give it another go tonight. Its just the kind of guy I am. Keep Sippin far as Sweet Dick Mackie and his dark, witty posts...I am at a loss of words...the guy is surfing somewhere in Central America. God Speed Sweet Dick broke my fckin heart.
Greenwich gals, here is what we are hoping for...its not a huge deal...heck, its not even a lil deal...its a just a few cats having a couple suds and socializing with the locals.

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