Monday, March 9, 2009

Suds Never Looked So Sweet

I mean, I see this pic and I think one thing, SUDS...ok, two things, but Suds is one of them. Weekend was solid..pretty standard actually. After crushing myself til 4am Thursday night, Friday was a full blown Bunk Fest. Woke up early, picked up a couple buds(Ambs and Clarsonian) and went huntin. What a day for it...65 degrees, blue bird skies and pleanty of feathers. Sipped a few Bud Suds with the DU fellas and headed back to town...all in all, a chill weekend capped with my TAR HEELS beating up on dook, those fckin squids! Anyhow, as the world comes to an end, stay positive, hang with your buds, pour a cold one for your sweetheart and try and get a lil lovin. Keep it clean and God Bless These United States!

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