Saturday, March 28, 2009

STOP, Cougar Time!!!

Sitting here watching the Nova game...been Sippin pretty steadily the whole day, played wolf, got crushed by sun and now back at buddies apt in Greenwich. Since we earned a solid buzz over hours of indulgence, I think I have earned a night on the town...COUGAR town. Seriously, I lived here as a pup but never as a single male, single adult, single jingle bells to all. So I will hit the likes of Barcelona, Polpo and others, because fellas, if I am not reporting the Greenwich coug's, who the hell will? Kidding...I am just here to Sip and make sure we are all enjoying life, with a smile or two. Anyhow, hats off you you all, i hope you are having fun in whatever your doing...Sip one for this lil guy, will ya...and hats off to the Cougs...stay hungry...keep eatin'.

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