Friday, March 6, 2009

Tastes Like Chicken...Spring Chicken

What does this gal have to do with last night? Absolutely nothing, except maybe by midnight, even the CHUDS started to look like lil Miss Button Down. How great would that be tonight, to roll home, dragging from the night before and a long days work only to see your girl waiting for you, just out of the shower in some nice cotton whiteys, a button down left open and a cold sud with your name written all over it. Then comes the massage, then comes the slay sesh, then comes the alarm clock, wake up Tony, ain't happening...BUT like the LOTTO, ya never know. Anyhow, last night I tended bar at Southern Hospitality and let me tell yeah, I had a blast working the stick. Kecks, Cooey, Dolch and the boys came by, crushed a few Suds and took care of the bar. They helped entertain the smokin toe heads too, true gentlemen! I can honestly say, I have not seen that many blond domes in one spot since Children of the Corn. If you are into hot blonds and spicy brunettes doing tequila like the world is coming to an end, than last night was your scene...if not, well I guess we were glad not to have ya. Anyhow, thanks to all for coming...if you missed it, don't sweat it, we will get em next time. Spring is in the air do yourself a favor...get out side this weekend, dust off those fishing poles, those rusty irons, those white speedos? and most importantly, gals...get those Sun Dresses out of the closet...we LIVE for that look. Spring fever should be thick come Saturday night. Have a Sud for me, will ya and may God Always Bless America...we need it.

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