Monday, March 2, 2009

For Your Birthday? Your Health

Let me get this straight, Megan fox has a dude, kind of a squid, that loves her, showers her with affection, buys her sht left and right and promises her the world. He gets Dumped.(Don't get me wrong, this dude was WAY over his head here...but stay with me for a sec)
Then On the other side of the equation, Rhianna has a dude who is always checking out other chicks, offers her bruises, black eyes and bite marks. Threatens her life and chokes her close to death. They are getting back together...because nothing says True Loves like a fat lip and a back hand. Jay Z, I think its time to get involved.
This tells me one thing...maybe we need to tone down the tangible gifts a bit and offer her simple things like; breathing, walking, know, life. It almost seems too simple.

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