Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So yesterday I rolled to the Dermatologist to get a pre summer full body check. You see, I have fair skin but love the sun more then a Eye Tal prepping for DJ's.(www.njguido.com) I walk into the doc's office and there are old people, young people, sick people and crying people...instant hell. I am not a germa phobe but seeing that these people are there, and not for a full body scan, you have to imagine something is crawling all over their skin, and they are looking for the cream to cure it. So as I am standing there naked as the day I was born, having Doctor Fell Good check me out, head to toe as he whistles in the wind I start thinking, "Are those the same glves he had when he rolled in here?" Doc's office Door knobs, pens, chairs, elevator buttons...they all have to be infected, right? Maybe I am nuts, but Operation Check Willy is in effect for the next couple days. Thanks for the Pic Huss.

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