Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Come From Behind VICTORY

The TAR HEELS beat the blue devils 101-87 last night. CAROLINA came on strong down the stretch, using late runs of 25-11 and 14-0 to first take the lead for good and then stretch it to 17. In the process, they snapped the Blue Devils' 14-game home court winning streak while claiming first place in the ACC standings. Sure the Heels had to come from behind, but playing in the Squid Tank Indoor ain't easy, even for a these HEELS. Anyhow, I wont get all crazy and bash all those dookies...but seriously, what a bunch of squids! Carolina has now gone into that sweat box 4 years in a row and beaten down the Cameron Crazies ego's and stomped on their pride. Maybe next year, Squids, maybe next year.

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