Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guns and...GUNS

This is Sardine...hanging with Bobby Jenks. He arrived in Mardi Gras and we're sipping and sipping and sipping suds. I'm the sister of Wood Tooth, whether you like it or not. It's late night and we're on the east side of Austin, the Mad Max industrial side of things, the Greenpoint, the Crown Heights, the Staten Island, the Harlem. Sitting in a 1958 Spartan trailer, Tejas style. Sippin. We're on the premise of Justine's, a forthcoming badass French bistro. It will serve pastis to make you blind, and will have petanque courts. That's boule or bocci for all you non-euros out there. This place will serve you sippers till dawn and steak tartar and steak frites and the other important stuff. Okay, signing off-- much love and sweet dreams oxoxoooxoo
And Bobby J says God Bless America and also mainly Texas.
Bobby J here-check out the website for this resty Sardine was speaking of...I am hearing rumors of naked birds in a bath

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