Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sleep With One Eye Open, The Wolves Are Hungry

I dont know if you all have noticed this, and maybe it's because all I think about is Snap, BUT these last couple weeks around the city(Manhattan) I have noticed the female sex acting out of character. I am not afraid to make a lil eye contact with a cutie, on a train, on the sidewalk, in a restaurant or at a store...but usually they look away...mostly in fear. Well not any more baby! LAtely, I find myself looking away before they do. And I found myself asking, Why? Well, the only thing i can think of is pure, uncut panic. Hear me out...Panic stems from our weak econmy...less d-bags spending $ on them wastefully, fear that their future employment might be in jeopardy and the lifestlye they have become accustomed to could be a thing of the past. These thoughts create a certain kill or be killed mentality. The hunted has become the hunter! This new female independence could be the GREATEST time in the history of Man. So go out tonight, take a look around, shoot a care bear stare at a gal, go ahead, go border line creepy and see if she looks away...if she keeps staring back, get a mouth peice and hold are the bait and she is hungry like a wolf. God Bless, Sip One for me, will ya?

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