Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Honey, I Feel Sick

Grab yourself a hot date and a cold shot. We all know how brutal it is being sick...and for the most part, catching a cold, flu or any common virus is some waht inevatible. But fear not, because being sick can be a sick experience. Doctor Jenks has done some research for all you fine people. After reading the NY Post yesterday, I learned that one of Granny Ulga's secrets to beating the flu was boiling water with vodka and inhaling the vapor. Perfect, thanks Nana. This next bit is just about the best thing I have heard in some time:
In the course of his lengthy neuroimmunological experiments, the scientist arrived at the conclusion that sexual intercourse has a positive effect not only on the overall physical condition of both partners but also on their immune systems. Phagocytes are to be praised for the marvel. Phagocytes are cells that help the body rid itself of various ailments. This is how they work: once they locate an alien body, they penetrate it and trigger self-destruction.
Shcedlovski's research results have already found support among his colleagues. Immunologist Peter Schleicher also shares the initial hypothesis of his colleague from Zurich. “Not only does sex heal our organism; it also sustains its immune system,” stated Peter Schleicher in his interview to Bild am Sonntag.

So with that said, Grab a Sud(the clear kind), Grab your mate and just get kukoo...if not for you, if not for her/ it for your health. Keep Sippin, Keep Bonin, Keep's so damn simple, it hurts!

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