Friday, February 6, 2009

JSS Hits Charleston

Not sure what you have this weekend, but hearing there is a warm front coming to the greater tri state area...60 degrees on Sunday? That's great news! Sweet Dick, Cilantro, Tooth and I are all heading to Charleston to keep the drive alive. Going back to the roots of SippinSuds...back where it all started...on Pax's boat...on Smitty's boat, fishing, Sippin and livin. Red Fish, Spot Tails, Drums...whatever you want to call em, that's what we're fishing for. Of course you can't fish at night and rumor has it, a large migration of Southern Snapper just pooled up in downtown Chucktown. Wish us luck, friends. I hope to return on Monday with stories of Big fish, Small Snaps and Heavy Suds. No matter where you find yourself this weekend, Chapel Hill, Sydney, Manhattan or LA, kick back, get out side, crush some Suds and have a great time. God Bless These United States of America.

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