Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lets Call Him, Buddy Lembeck

So I was out with a pal last night...seeing that these are the last nights in Manhattan, we decided to make a run at it. Started at Shorty's, then Raoul's, then Employees Only. Sure I got crushed, Sipped pints of brownies..but my buddy won the prize. He slayed a spicy lil thing. As the story goes, wax was dripped, wine glasses crashed and demands were made. Nothing better then a young vixen telling you what she wants. Actually, it goes for all ages...but if you are in the paws of a cougar, there is a 110% chance you will be Jedi mind tricked into doing exactly what she wants. "These droids are no concern, carry on." or "I am going to strap this on a make you beg for mercy." Oooooof, I am not one to draw a bunch of lines in the sand, but if Alessandra Ambrosia came in strapped up with spit in her eye and ready to go, I would run for the hills like a frightened billy goat. Though think about all the other fun sht you would do....OK, so that's a bad example. Bottom line is, somebody slayed a juicy Snap last night. God Bless the effort, God Bless the Love, God Bless Snap and May God Always Bless America.

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