Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty Nice Little Saturday, Actually...Bed Bath and Beyond

I cant believe it...this weekend, sure it was filled with Suds but there was zero hunting, zero fishing, zero activities. A Boozy lunch does count for something. Especially when its in your new hood. The Ginger Man was the place right there on Greenwich Ave...decent burger, nice pints and to my surprise, two flocks of cackling birds...ranging from 20-40...a dish for all appetites.
Anyhow, rain came Sunday and there I was, like a mook, furniture shopping. Not sure what normally happens, but since I decided to move on a Monday and signed lease on a Wednesday, this furniture thing was not going to be a process. I picked out a couch to be delivered, a coffee table, entrance table(what ever the hell that means), ottomans...either way, come next weekend I will be a new man, a man in uncharted waters...a man who knows he wants a Sud, just needs a place to purchase said Sud. Best way to attack this new adventure is with an open mind, a fits full of singles and a Sud in mitt.Wish Me Luck. And dont you worry about a thing, I will keep you posted on the shower bits I need to get.

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