Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Bang For His Buck

Feb. 11 (Bloomberg) -- Eric Langan could run a U.S. bank,
based on his $494,713 salary last year, according to President
Barack Obama. Langan would rather stay in his job, overseeing 18
strip clubs as chief executive officer of Rick’s Cabaret
International Inc.
“A bank? No. I’m not interested in working for a bank,”
Langan said in a telephone interview from his office in Houston
Besides, he just got a raise to $600,000, putting him $100,000
over Obama’s cap for a top official of a financial institution
receiving federal bailout funds.
So basically this guy "runs" a bunch strip clubs...which means he has final say who comes and goes. Who gets floor time and who gets massage time, who is a cocktail waitress and who is a cocktasting waitress. How brutal must it be for this guy to go through the hiring process...poor fella. Regardless of what profession he is faced with, he would be dealing with assholes...seems like a no brainer to choose the bleached kind. Well done Langan, you lucky son of a btch. Have a great day.

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