Thursday, February 5, 2009

Eat Healthy...Try Her Salad

Now that Spring is around the corner I think its important to start the ole
Shed the Sht
diet. I figure we slam enough Suds to realize we are not gonna to die from malnutrition, well with all the carbs, wheat, barley you can find in your avg Sud. So maybe take it down a peg during the lunch hours...Sht, most of us are sitting at a desk all day, so why not have something healthy once or twice a week. If looking healthy isn't enough motivation, maybe Heidi here can help. You see, you can't toss her salad(that she just made you, of course) with out a little dressing. I would only ask her two things...relax and leave the HEELS on.
Thanks for the pic Barstool...

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